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Our flexible support services help autistic students (including Asperger syndrome) during their studies in further and higher education.  

Support can be provided from the onset when transitioning onto the course and can vary from managing relationships, mentoring to note-taking. Advice and support can be provided to the students and the academic and non-academic staff, to meet individual needs.

How to pay for this support

Our student support service is funded by The Association of NMH providers.

This must be in place before we can offer our service, unless funding is available from other sources. Specialist mentoring costs £49 + £9.80 VAT per hour, and Study Assistant support £25 + £5 VAT per hour. A one to one study skills tutor costs £54.17 plus £10.83 VAT.

As we are funded through DSA, our main aims are to make sure everyone involved with you has an understanding of autism spectrum disorder, and that you're clear about the work you must do in order to complete your course.

As all students' needs are different we suggest that you, or a representative, contact us to talk about what support is available and if our service can meet your needs.

Assessment centres

Please click below for our DSA QAG – NMH Provider Rates.

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How to access our support

Our student support service is usually funded by Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA), although other funding streams may also be accepted. Funding must be in place before we can offer our service, please contact the disability adviser at your place of study for help with applications for funding.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment at an assessment centre of your choice, to find your nearest assessment centre please go to

Who to contact to arrange support

Once you have received your Disabled Student Allowance award letter, please contact us on email sending a copy of your DSA award letter, your name, contact number and University that you will be attending so that we can arrange your support. Alternatively, if you would like to arrange your support by phone, please call 07483 009 653.

All enquiries will be responded to within 1 working day.

Leave us feedback

You can also let us know how we're doing, by downloading and filling in our Compliments, comments and complaints form.

If you would like to leave feedback anonymously, please complete our Survey Monkey questionnaire.  

If you are a student, please fill out this survey to leave your feedback.

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Support may differ in each area:  


Visit the Association of NMH providers to find out if the National Autistic Society provide support in your university.

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