We are sincerely sorry but due to unprecedented demand we are unable to offer any dates for workplace assessments until August 2019.

We do have some additional training and resources that may be able to support you in the meantime.

We can send you a resource pack which you could share with your employer and/or employee. If you would like to receive this please email a member of the team on employment.bookings@nas.org.uk.

If you would still like to book an assessment we can provide you with some additional dates from August onwards. If you would like to secure a date please contact a member of the team on employment.bookings@nas.org.uk.

Alternatively you may wish to contact Access to Work for support to receive a workplace assessment. Access to work is Government funding body. For further information please visit the GOV.UK website here.

Workplace assessments are an excellent first step when you have recruited a new employee on the autism spectrum or you have an existing employee who you think would benefit from further support.

A workplace assessment will help you to identify what adaptations could be made to ensure your employee is reaching their full potential, advise on management techniques and ways to communicate effectively. Workplace assessments address the following issues:

  • current issues and concerns 
  • description of current position and the expectations of the role 
  • social interaction 
  • communication 
  • flexibility of thought 
  • sensory issues 
  • recommendations for ongoing support
  • recommendations for reasonable adjustments to the workplace and role (in accordance with the Equality Act).

A member of our employment team will visit the workplace and meet with relevant members of staff (eg the autistic employee, managers, HR and colleagues as appropriate) to discuss any current or potential concerns. You will receive a written report within 15 working days of the assessment visit.


Assessments are priced at £1,420 + VAT.


For information on booking a work place assesment, please complete our Training Enquiry Form

Do you think your employee would benefit from a workplace assessment and ongoing support?

If so a combined workplace assessment and ongoing Brain in Hand support may be the solution.

This will include:

  • A full workplace assessment
  • Your employee will be provided with a year licence to the Brain in Hand assistive technology application. A personalised support programme that can be accessed when and where it’s needed, from an app on your employee’s phone.


The cost for this is £2790 + VAT.