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Our Autism Employment Gap report shows that only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time employment, although 77% of them would like to work – many have therefore underused skills and talents. That is why, in our new pioneering Enterprise Centre, we have decided to focus on vital employment skills for young autistic people.

Young autistic people aged 16-24 will have the opportunity to access individualised support to enter the workplace through our Enterprise Centre.

More information to follow in next month’s issue.

Free Finding Employment Module

We have been working with the City Bridge Trust’s exciting project ‘Bridge to Work’. Over the next three years, the Bridge to Work Programme will provide funding for projects which offer employability support for young disabled people, and strengthen links between employers and the disabled community.

Our team has been funded to create an accessible product to support autistic jobseekers build their employment skills and confidence in finding work. This has been done through the development of an online training module that will be free to download. The main objective is to build employability skills for autistic jobseekers but it could also be used by supported employment professionals and so will, indirectly, help upskill employability professionals.

Our aim is to create personalisation and interactivity to allow users to create a personalised profile which they can then use when attending interviews or starting work. We also envisage professionals and family members working alongside autistic jobseekers to help them also gain a deeper understanding of autism and understand the barriers that individuals on the spectrum may face.

The online resource will help autistic jobseekers:

  • identify their personal skillset and positive attributes
  • support their own understanding of their condition, including positive disclosure
  • develop CV writing and job application skills
  • develop interview techniques and strategies
  • develop skills to prepare for the workplace.

For more information and how to access the module please email:

Quote: Finding Employment

Email: Enterprise@nas.org.uk

The module will be launched within the next few months, keep your eyes peeled!

Pre-apprenticeship cyber security programme

The National Autistic Society has been selected to develop and pilot an autism-specific pre-apprenticeship scheme, which will help get more talented autistic people involved in the cyber security industry.

Our pilot is one of seven initiatives the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) is supporting through its Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund, which was set up to increase the diversity and numbers of people working in the UK's cyber security sector.

The pilot will be based out of our Enterprise Campus in Essex and will involve 12 apprenticeships in total. In the first three months of each apprenticeship, we will be working with Immersive Labs to support candidates through cyber security training and prepare them for the workplace. Crucially, we’ll also be working with their employer to make sure they understand autism and can offer the support the apprentice needs. We’ll then spend the next six months providing in-work support.

The PAGES project

We are working on an exciting European project to ensure autistic people and their employers have all the information they need to be successful in the workplace. Our second employer steering group went really well. Please do get in touch if you would like to find out more or would like to be part of our next steering group meeting. 

Quote: PAGES

Email: employment.bookings@nas.org.uk


Supporting employers to recruit into paid roles

It has been really exciting to see an increase in employers approaching us to support them to recruit autistic candidates into paid roles within their organisations. If you would like to find out how we can support your business to recruit into paid roles, please contact a member of the team on:

Quote: Recruitment

Email: Enterprise@nas.org.uk