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It can get better 2014 edition

It can get better

Dealing with common behaviour problems in young children with autism

Author: Paul Dickinson and Liz Hannah


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It can get better - Dealing with common behaviour problems in young children with autism
Paul Dickinson and Liz Hannah
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The National Autistic Society

This pocket sized book is written by two health professionals who have worked with challenging behaviour in children with autism. Aimed specifically at parents and carers of young children, it looks at common behaviour problems and offers strategies and tips on how to deal with them in a jargon free format. It offers help with many problem behaviours, including temper tantrums, toileting problems, sleep, feeding, self-help skills and learning to play, coping with obsessional and repetitive behaviour and self injury.


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Liz teaches in an autism resource centre for young children in inner London and is the author of two other NAS books: My friend Sam and Teaching young children with ASD to learn, both illustrated by Steve Lockett. Paul works for autism family support services in Scotland.
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If you want easy to read, upbeat help and advice on a range of issues, I’d thoroughly recommend It Can Get Better…Dealing with common behaviour problems in young children with autism: a guide for parents and carers. This handy little manual gives sensible advice on a range of common problems such as tantrums, toileting, sleep and eating problems and repetitive behaviour. Advice is broken down into bite-sized bullet points and the manual is packed with useful, encouraging tips. I particularly liked the self-help section, where parents are encouraged to break tasks down into simple components that can be ticked off, with ‘washing’ illustrated as an example. It’s clear that the authors not only understand autistic children - even more importantly, perhaps, they understand parents.  

Debby Elley, AuKids

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