The National Assembly for Wales has today published a draft law on autism for comment. You have until 17th April to tell them what you think of the draft.

The draft law has been developed by backbench Conservative Assembly Member Paul Davies. Our charity has been working closely with members and supporters to help Paul draft a Bill that will best meet the needs of autistic people and their families in Wales.

And as part of our charity’s Your Act campaign, we want to make sure as many of you as possible get the opportunity to share your views.

Read the draft Bill
and share your views in response to the consultation. You can either answer the questions in the consultation document or send your thoughts to

In the coming weeks we will also put out more information on different ways to get involved.


In 2015, we carried our biggest ever survey of autistic people and their families in Wales. 90% told us that they thought an autism law was needed to improve the services and support available for autistic people.

We campaigned alongside our members and supporters and secured widespread political support for an Autism Act.

The proposed legislation was selected to be carried forward following a ballot of back-bench Assembly Member’s suggestions, won by Paul Davies AM.

We first launched Your Act ahead of an initial consultation at the end of 2017 on what an Autism Act should include. This is the next stage of the development of a new law on autism.

Now, Paul Davies AM is publishing his draft Autism Act to ask how it could be improved.

What will happen next?

If we get it right, and an Autism Act is introduced, we could start to see real change in the services and support received by autistic people and their families in Wales.

After people have had the chance to have their say on the draft Bill, there will be a vote in the National Assembly which decides whether or not the law will be allowed to proceed.

Whilst there will still be further debate and scrutiny of the Bill and what an Autism Act could include, this will be an incredibly significant step forward in our campaign.