My name is Frances, and I’ve taken a moment as we look towards Christmas to think about how different my family’s life could have been if it wasn’t for the National Autistic Society. Do you see that photo there? That’s us (see photo on the right hand side of the page). And I’m squeezing as close as I can to my son, Caleb. As close as he’s OK with. He’s autistic and we’ve had a difficult year – but we’ve made it through.

Time and time again the National Autistic Society has been there for us. The Helpline was there when my son Caleb moved from nursery to primary. They were there again when he moved from primary to secondary. They’ve been there every Christmas providing online advice to help Caleb do something as simple as open presents and enjoy his Christmas without feeling stressed out.

This year, they came to the rescue again to help me appeal his rejection from the school nearest our home - the one where all his friends were accepted on appeal, the one where his was rejected. They singled him out and the National Autistic Society made sure that didn’t happen. We got the legal advice we needed to challenge this decision. So he’s where he should be: with his friends and close to us.

I don’t think we’d be where we are today without them.

I’m finding more and more parents like me who need the same help. More people who need your help. Please show your support with a gift today.

Thank you,


And better yet, this year’s appeal will be match funded up to £20,000 by long term friends of National Autistic Society. That means if you give a donation of £10, they’ll also give £10 to help fund National Autistic Society services such as the Helpline and many more.