Stories from the Spectrum: Iqra Babar

"I want to give a voice to people who are not often represented in pop culture."

Iqra Babar, autistic artist

To give an example, one of my original characters, Zari, is autistic and has ADHD like me. She has a lot of qualities that I have, such as impulsivity, RSD (rejection sensitive dysphoria) and having many special interests. Autistic people exist everywhere, including in fantasy-themed comics and artwork! I also have another autistic character, Aakashi. She differs from me however, as she is non-verbal. She’s also a black woman, and has different traits to Zari, but they’re both still autistic and valid!

"I want to be able to give a voice to communities that usually wouldn’t be given a chance in pop culture."

'Aakashi' by Iqra Babar


'Zarifa' by Iqra Babar