Pride Stories

"It's great that Pride events exist, as they help LGBTQ+ people see they are not alone."

Madge Woollard, autistic pianist and a member of the LGBTQ+ community

Will you be celebrating Pride virtually this year?

Last week I took part in a virtual baking competition, through the Diva community Facebook group. This involved baking a cake at home and taking a photo of it. The cakes were then judged according to the photos. Everyone was baking rainbow cakes. It was brilliant! I made a chocolate cake with cherries on it, and put rainbow flags around it. I didn’t win, but it was good fun. I think there are several online Pride events happening at the end of June, which I might go to.

How are you coping with the current coronavirus restrictions?

I’m finding it alright really! I like the quietness. Because I’m not a very social person anyway, there’s nothing I really miss in the outside world to be honest. I’ll be glad to get back to some things and to be able to go out more, once the restrictions have ended.


Madge's Pride cake