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Stories from the Spectrum

‘Stories from the Spectrum’ features voices from across the autism spectrum and highlights the rich variety of autistic experience. There will be funny stories, thought-provoking stories, moving and challenging stories. 


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Sumita Majumdar

Sumita Majumdar

"I lose the ability to properly process or make sense of incoming information, like the whole system has stopped."


Ellie Pinnington

"Speak slower. Having pictures." - Ellie's advice to the public on how to support autistic people. 

Carly Jones

Carly Jones

"I know if I’m planning anything that overloads my senses, I have to make sacrifices."

Peter Street

Peter Street

"I imagine autistic people can still be very preoccupied with how society wants them to act, but you can choose to be free."

Photo of young man being filmed in an interview

Connor Ward

"A fear I have is that I will be judged for over-reacting. It makes it scary to ask for help."

Collage image - headshot of young woman alongside cartoon bird drawing


"Pablo deconstructs the misconceptions about autism and celebrates the power of imagination." - Sumita on writing for Pablo.

Harry Wells and his son, Oscar

Harry Wells

"Society needs to acknowledge that people are all very different."

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