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Stories from the Spectrum

‘Stories from the Spectrum’ features voices from across the autism spectrum and highlights the rich variety of autistic experience. There are funny stories, thought-provoking stories, moving and challenging stories. 

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Elle McNicoll (a young autistic woman and author)

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Elle McNicoll (a young autistic woman and author)

Elle McNicoll

"I will continue to write about neurodivergent people and will never tire of it."

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Pride stories: Ashley

"I feel right at home within the autistic LGBTQ+ community, and I wouldn’t change a thing."

Nick Ransom (a young autistic man)

Pride stories: Nick Ransom

"Diversity of mind is critical both on-screen and off-screen."
Madge Woollard (an autistic adult)

Pride stories: Madge Woollard

"It's really great that Pride events exist, as they help LGBTQ+ people see that they are not alone."

George Morl (a young autistic artist)

Pride stories: George Morl

"A lot of false assumptions are made about autistic people, when it comes to sexuality and relationships."

Sophie Gribben (a young autistic person)

Pride stories: Sophie Gribben

"I am very proud to be a queer person and a member of the community."
Tom Moran (a young autistic man)

Pride stories: Tom Moran

"As a gay autistic man, it's almost as if I have two identities."

Jack Howes

Jack Howes

"In times of such difficulty, what football brings is enjoyment, reassurance and a pleasant distraction."

Iqra Babar (an autistic artist)

Iqra Babar

"I want to give a voice to communities that are not often represented in pop culture."

John Clark (an autistic filmmaker)

John Clark

"Tell whatever story you feel passionate about, in any way you want."

black and white photo of a man (Daniel Watkins)

Daniel Watkins

"Having autistic children has definitely changed me for the better."

photo of a young autistic person smiling, grey background

Harri Wilson

"When I have autistic patients, I always take particular care to find out their needs and make sure they are met."

Photo of actor Travis George Smith (The A Word)

Travis George Smith

"The A Word has broadened people's minds and inspired them to find out more about autism."

A woman smiling

Patience Agbabi

"I want to inspire autistic girls out there with a strong autistic heroine."

a young autistic woman

Molly Bradford

"Communication isn't something you are taught, yet you are expected to just know all the rules."

Black and white photo of a young woman with glasses

Ella Sanderson

"I wrote about my Asperger syndrome to help people understand what life on the spectrum is like."

Thomas Henley (Taekwondo gold medallist) holding a trophy

Thomas Henley

"I've always been really focused when it comes to something I'm interested in, which helped me with Taekwondo."

A man smiling in a red suit.


"Online gaming means autistic people can play in an environment where we feel comfortable."

photo of a young autistic woman

Grace Liu

"Autism is a significant part of my life, but not the only part, and I want my blog to reflect that."

Laura James (autistic journalist and ambassador for our charity)

Laura James

"In these strange times, I think non-autistic people are seeing the world through a more autistic lens."

young man at an office desk

Spencer Cotterell

"I didn't speak until I was five, but I communicated through drawings."

Man and woman smiling

Sam and Angela

"Society is much more open to talking about autism. I hope it can continue."

A woman's face

Camilla Pang

"Processing sensory input changes day to day, which can be good because it makes you more creative, but can also feel chaotic."

Woman and man smiling

Wesley and Elainea

"Our supper club has made me feel more confident, not only cooking but opening up conversations through food."

Emma (a young autistic woman), grey background

Emma Finch

"I wanted to be very open about my diagnosis, as it is nothing to be ashamed of."
Two women and a cat

Anna and Judith

"Don't try to change autistic people, accept their differences."

Mother and son

Ethan and Emma

"The only thing I would change is a society that helps Ethan feel more supported."

A woman playing basketball

Sarah Hope

"I am over-sensitive to sensory stimulus, which is difficult in many aspects of life, not just basketball." 

photo of content creator Purple Ella (an autistic woman) outside

Purple Ella

"Don’t feel like you have to hide your autism from your children. That way they know what's going on and don’t worry."
father and son photo

Will Coetzer

"Autism is like a fingerprint. Everyone has a version yet each is unique."

Family photo of parents and a child outside

Alex, Jenny and Ben

"Perhaps Ben sees things we don't, or the camera helps him focus on specific objects."

Amanda Gibbs (creator of the Autism Alert Card and Passport scheme) receiving a certificate

Amanda Gibbs

"I decided to try to improve future contact with the police for as many autistic people as possible."

photo of a young couple (a man and a woman) with a heart icon

IndieAndy's Valentine's Day story

"Autistic people can bring a lot to the table in relationships."

Photo of actor Talia Grant on the set of Hollyoaks

Talia Grant

"As a child I didn't know who I was because I didn't see people like me."

Leo Capella

Leo Capella

"Being awarded Employee of the Year has been my proudest moment."

Young boy laughing holding a rag doll

James and Louise's diagnosis story

"With James' diagnosis we could start the next phase in our lives."

New photo of the Goth with purple background

The Goth

"The Spectrum is a self-help magazine. Readers know what the writers are talking about because they're experiencing it too."

Photo of a young woman smiling in front of a painting

Charl Davies

"It’s tough living in a world that wasn’t built with autism in mind, but when I'm tattooing I'm lost in my own world."

Photo of a young autistic man

IndieAndy's Spooky Story

"Uncertainty is something I find scary as an autistic person."

Young boy on his first day at school

James and Louise Williams

"I often think back to James’ first day at school, and how I sensed even then he was unique."

Mother and baby outside on a garden swing

Rachel Townson

"I would love for midwives to make small changes to their communication style, and understand the needs of autistic women."

Headshot photo of Bethany Black (comedian)

Bethany Black

"My stand-up is very personal. I tell stories, I overshare, so talking about being autistic has become a central part of my act."

Headshot photo of a young woman in a garden, smiling

Florence Leslie

"It has been an honour to launch Stories from the Spectrum, and to listen to and edit people’s stories."

Patrick Samuel

Patrick Samuel

“I know what colour or shape I’m feeling, but I often struggle to express myself with words.” 

Headshot photo of a young woman outside, smiling

Helen Ellis

"I have a specific set of things I take to rugby matches, as they ease my anxiety by being familiar and trusted."

YouTuber Dan Jones with his camera

Dan Jones

"Video conventions should be autism friendly as there is a thriving community that want to go to these events."

Sara Mangera

Sara Mangera

“Small changes to the environment can allow autistic people and their families to become a part of their community.”

'The Girl with the Curly Hair' illustration on yellow background

Alis Rowe

"I use The Girl with the Curly Hair character to explain what being autistic can be like."

Headshot photo of young woman smiling

Eva Gibbs

"As I grew up, I still didn't find boys that interesting, but I assumed it was because I was autistic."

Photo of man outside in a garden

Ronnie Pinder

"Being a dad is one of the easiest things I've ever done."

Landscape photo of mother and daughter at the beach at sunset

Alexis Quinn

"Rarely an hour goes by that I don't think about what happened in hospital."

Headshot photo of comedian John Pendal

John Pendal

"My memories of events are different from the audience, so I try and bring them into my world."

Photo of a young autistic girl outside in a garden, drawing


"Bella processes her thoughts in pictures and develops all her ideas through drawing."

Headshot photo of mother and son

Danielle and Freddie

"It's important for us to have help from disability social workers, as our family is increasingly isolated."

Comic Con logo

Connor Ward and Dan Jones

“We wanted to celebrate how social media has helped so many people in the autistic community.”
Headshot of writer Sara Gibbs

Sara Gibbs

"I think there’s a lack of understanding of how autism can present in girls, who are often socialised differently."

Photo of autistic boy in school uniform, holding a book and smiling


"Not a single day goes by that I don't watch This Morning."

Glen in the pool

Glen Brown

"Swimming for the National Autistic Society was the incentive to get active."

headshot photo of man on cream background

Wenn Lawson

"Listen to the individual, work together to support autistic people questioning their gender."

James Sinclair

James Sinclair

“I can push back the noise from a crowd but, inevitably, one voice, cough or laugh breaks through, invading my thoughts and ruining my day.”

Harry Wells (rugby player) and his son, Oscar

Harry Wells

"Society needs to acknowledge that people are all very different."

Collage image - headshot of young woman alongside cartoon bird drawing


"Pablo deconstructs the misconceptions about autism and celebrates the power of imagination." - Sumita on writing for Pablo.

Photo of young man being filmed in an interview

Connor Ward

"A fear I have is that I will be judged for over-reacting. It makes it scary to ask for help."


Ellie Pinnington

"Speak slower. Having pictures." - Ellie's advice to the public on how to support autistic people. 

Sumita Majumdar

Sumita Majumdar

"I lose the ability to properly process or make sense of incoming information, like the whole system has stopped."

Carly Jones

Carly Jones

"I know if I’m planning anything that overloads my senses, I have to make sacrifices."

Peter Street

Peter Street

"I imagine autistic people can still be very preoccupied with how society wants them to act, but you can choose to be free."

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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