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Christmas can be an exciting and fun time for many of us, but new activity can be overwhelming - particularly for some autistic people. However, with good planning and communication, Christmas can be enjoyed by all.

With the help of autistic people and their friends and families, we have put together a list of tips for the festive period. You can download the tips by filling in our form below.

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The tips are intended to provide general guidance and may not be suitable for everyone. The key to a happy, autism-friendly Christmas is to make sure the autistic person is central to all planning.

Christmas top tips

Don’t try to shoehorn in a 'traditional Christmas' - it’s better for the whole family in the long run to work out what a good Christmas for your family looks like.

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If you or your child enjoy the Christmas lights and window displays, sit on the top deck of the bus and you’ll get a birds eye view without getting stuck in the crowds. We do it every year and involve all my children so everybody’s happy.

Seasons greetings from the Trummies!

Our colourful cartoon friends are back to wish you a very autism-friendly Christmas! Find out how they're spending the festive season this year and catch a sneak peak of our top tips in the video below.

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We hope you find our tips helpful and wish you a wonderful Christmas!

Read our Christmas tips