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Too Much Information

I’m autistic and the fear of unexpected changes can leave me feeling deeply distressed.

Sudden changes or breaks in my routine can trigger huge anxiety.

But by not staring at me and by not judging me, you can make an overwhelming experience feel a little easier.

Understand autism and what you can do to help.




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Everything you need to know

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Watch the film

Our new film shows what impact unexpected changes can have.

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Saskia's story

Saskia, the star of our latest TMI film, tells us about the anxiety unexpected changes can cause.

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Be more autism-friendly

Read our top tips to help understand autism, the person, and the small changes you can make to help.

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What is Autism Hour?

Find out about Autism Hour and the difference it can make to autistic people and their families. 

Danielle with her son

Real stories

Read real life stories which explore how it feels to experience unexpected changes.

Marshall family

The campaign so far

We look back at the two years of our campaign to improve autism understanding. 

TMI report

About the campaign

84% of autistic people feel people judge them as strange. Read our report and find out about how we're trying to change that.

Autism Friendly Award

Are your organisation's buildings and facilities accessible to autistic people?

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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