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Our daytime hub is open to anyone over the age of 18 with a diagnosis of autism, including Asperger syndrome. Tŷ Yfory is a new resource for adults on the autism spectrum in Cardiff. It is situated next door to the current Tŷ Ddraig daytime hub.

Tŷ Yfory is a 'step down' or 'move on service' for people who have attended Tŷ Ddraig whose behaviours have stabilised and are now ready to further develop their skills. It is also for individuals who do not attend NAS Cymru autism centres but still require one-to-one support.

The service will mould itself around the needs and aspirations of each individual to promote and respect their:

  • safety
  • independence
  • dignity
  • aspirations
  • choice and opinions
  • rights as members of their community.

Environment and facilities

The centre has four base rooms for three individuals, each of which includes facilities for a small kitchen. There is a separate room for each curriculum area including an arts and crafts room, a life skills flat, a training kitchen, an IT suite and an outdoor space for horticulture. Break out rooms are provided for people to relax when they feel they need it. The environment will be low arousal with pictorial directions and signposting.

Our team

Our staff are well trained, qualified and enthusiastic. Communication can be difficult for people with autism, so we use various approaches, including speech, sign language (including Makaton®) and visual strategies within the NAS SPELL framework, to make sure each person’s views are heard and understood.

Person-centred approach

Tŷ Yfory is a fully person-centred resource that strives to offer a wide and diverse range of activities and opportunities, providing these at the resource base and in the wider community.

Each person can expect to have an individual development plan which may include some of the following:

  • life skills
  • travel training
  • art and craft
  • therapies
  • information technology
  • food technology
  • supported employment
  • communication
  • social skills
  • managing anxiety
  • managing your autism
  • health and wellbeing
  • key skills
  • access to mainstream services.

How to access our support

There are several ways you can pay for support through our daytime hubs. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.