Service user 

At St Mark’s House, we provide light-touch support for autistic adults to explore new opportunities in the community, determine their goals and aspirations and work towards building new and transferable skills. Each person has their own individualised programme which is designed to draw on their strengths and present strategies to overcome difficulties. We work together to achieve this, so each person has a say in what will enable them to make meaningful progress in their life.

This centre of excellence in autism practice will support people with autism to learn new skills in woodwork, computing, creative arts as well as developing their independent living skills. – Harvey Philpott, services manager

Our environment and facilities

Our central Newport location in the popular Gold Tops area means that we have easy access to public transport and the many amenities the city has to offer. We are based in a modern building with brand new facilities including an ICT suite, a carpentry workshop, a study room, art room, 2 newly fitted training kitchens and a third enterprise kitchen where adults learn skills required for making, packaging and selling soap products.

This allows us to focus on supporting adults to develop practical skills relevant to the world today. Adults we work with might explore carpentry, develop domestic skills or work towards a nationally recognised qualification through Agored Cymru college network. Using a graded approach, we can support autistic adults to integrate into their local community and build up the confidence to access mainstream services.


The support we offer includes:

At St Mark’s House:

  • developing social skills through the Socialeyes programme
  • developing an understanding of their diagnosis through the Being Me programme
  • becoming competent in carpentry
  • making soap, packaging it and learning retail skills
  • strengthening household management and budgeting skills
  • gaining a recognised qualification (such as through Agored)
  • working through a project in ICT.

In the community:

    • finding and keeping employment or taking on work placements
    • using health care and leisure facilities
    • developing independent living skills
    • using public transport
    • joining a local social group
    • starting a pottery course.

    Our team

    Our staff have a range of specialisms and knowledge, so we can offer the right support to each person and help them to fulfil their needs and achieve their goals. Each member of the team develops their autism-specific training throughout their career, and builds strong, trusting relationships with each of the autistic adults they work with. With a mixture of 1:1, 2:1 and group support, we can tailor our support to every person and every activity and the variety of spaces in our building facilitate this.

    How to access our support

    There are several ways you can pay for support through our daytime hubs. For more information, visit our benefits and care page.