Welcome to SocialEyes: exploring the social world with people on the autism spectrum in Northern Ireland. 

SocialEyes is an approach to facilitating social skills and social understanding with people on the autism spectrum. Launched by The National Autistic Society in 2010, this learning resource has been developed with people with autism and Asperger syndrome, along with leading professionals in the field.

SocialEyes does not ask people on the autism spectrum to change 'inappropriate' social behaviour, or to acquire social skills by copying the 'typical' behaviour of others. Instead, it gives people the option of learning social interaction skills or alternative social strategies. SocialEyes focuses on eight social skills that people on the autism spectrum can have difficulty with, including starting a conversation, eye contact and personal space.

SocialEyes groups

The SocialEyes groups look at eight social skills, each skill is taught in 8 separate modules. Members are supported to complete all eight modules of the course of one year.

Modules subjects range from:

  •  understanding yourself and your autism
  •  the social world
  •  starting a conversation
  •  taking turns in a conversation
  •  ending a conversation
  •  sensitive topics
  •  personal space
  •  telephone skills
  •  eye contact
  •  volume of voice
  •  active listening / interrupting
  •  keeping on topic / interests
  •  understanding emotions and body language.

Each module is broken down into 5 steps and the group focuses on one step each week.

SocialEyes sessions usually last for two hours and are held during the evening once a week.

For more information, call us on 028 9068 7066.

How to access our support

Support through our SocialEyes course in Northern Ireland is available to people who have funding through either Training for Success or Workable, which you can arrange by contacting Disability Action.

Alternatively, you may choose to fund the course privately.