Our North Northumberland branch sensory garden has blossomed thanks to the National Garden Scheme and Howick Hall Gardens & Arboretum who generously donated the space to us.

The sensory garden is the new addition to the main garden attraction at Howick, featuring a special selection of plants and materials laid out in such a way as to stimulate the senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. Just a few highlights include a labyrinth circle, interactive water feature, willow dome circle, tumbled glass pond with wooden bridge and a wooden swing seat. 

The aim of the sensory garden is to provide both autistic children and adults, a safe and stimulating environment to explore their senses. This garden will play a vital role in strengthening the wellbeing of families, offering a safe place for our branch and families as well as acting as a flagship sensory garden in the area.

We are delighted to support the activities of the National Autistic Society. We hope the new sensory garden will help to raise awareness about autism and make a difference to the lives of autistic people throughout Northumberland and beyond.

- Lord Howick, Chairman of the Trustees for Howick Hall Gardens

The day was enjoyed further with sets of games from Big Game Hunters


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