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The National Autistic Society is here to support you during this time, whether you need more information about how to deal with coronavirus changes or to connect you to other people for support. In this time of social isolation, it is important to stay connected in different ways. Why don’t you join our online community? The Community is our discussion forum for autistic people, their families and other wider networks. It’s free to join and a great way to share experiences and advice.

It's a useful resource for you to let other people know you are autistic and that you may need some extra time or help in certain situations.
The cards are not currently available to order from our online shop. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, our warehouse is closed and we are unable to post cards to you. 

For parents, we also have a My Child is Autistic Card.

Our This Person is Autistic Card, is for those who provide care and support to autistic adults.

We also have Scotland specific cards. Download I am autistic cardMy child is autistic card and This person is autistic card.

We have created a document to summarise what the rules are about going out for autistic people and their families. Please print a copy or download it onto your mobile phone, so you can take it with you when you, or the person you care for, go out.

If anyone challenges you about why you are out, show them the document. It will explain that you are respecting the Government's rules, as you are able to go out more than once a day and travel beyond your local area to do so, because you’re autistic.

You can access the documents for Scotland here, England here while here is the one for Wales.