Specialist Educational Psychologist and Manager of The Lorna Wing Centre for Autism

Laura Cockburn is manager of the Lorna Wing Centre for Autism. Her work there also involves in-depth specialist diagnostic assessments and she contributes to the design and delivery of training courses run at the Centre.

Laura is a Consultant Specialist Educational Psychologist (EP) who has developed a specialism in the field of autism spectrum over many years in both the UK and in Singapore. Laura also works at the University of East London, on the Professional Doctoral Training course for Educational Psychologists.

Before joining the Lorna Wing Centre for Autism, Laura worked in the London Borough of Haringey as an Assistant Principal Educational Psychologist. In addition to this, Laura developed a specialism in autism. Laura worked closely together with a number of parents in the area of autism in Haringey where they even set up a specialist football team for children and young people with autism.

Laura spent 10 years working in Singapore (1992 – 2002) where she worked collaboratively with the government and professionals and families in South East Asia. She also worked with professionals from the NAS to help to develop specialist services for children with autism. Laura set up an independent company that specialised in the assessment and support of children and young people with autism. Her initial involvement in the field of autism started in the 1980s when she was teaching children with special needs. Her current interests relate to the assessment of complex and challenging children, young people and adults particularly thinking about attachment and cultural competence.

Laura is a member of the Scientific and Advisory Committee of Research Autism, a National Charity that supports and funds research into effective interventions in ASC and independently reviews the currently available evidence.

Laura was one of the founding members of the Autism Special Interest Group for EPs (ASIG-EP), a UK special interest group for EPs, that has been holding an annual conference for EPs for over 8 years at the Institute of Education, London.