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For so many children, Christmas is a wonderful time, full of imagination and joy. But for my four-year-old son Joseph, it’s just another day but with more mess, chaos, noise, smells and change. It can make him feel anxious and overwhelmed. For us, Christmas needs to be more practical so that Joseph experiences the ‘magic’ in his own way. And just because it’s different, it doesn’t mean it isn’t perfect.

There are so many families in the UK that find Christmas a time of turmoil and stress. The National Autistic Society’s Helpline is an invaluable source of knowledge and comfort for families like mine. But it can only continue with the support of people like you. 

Please show your support with a gift today, to help families like mine have a Christmas that is perfect for them.

Thank you.

Gemma and Joseph


Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
Last updated: 14/11/2018 14:39:56