This introductory module explores the differences in how autistic people experience stress and anxiety. Learners will explore the factors that impact on stress and anxiety, in order to provide effective support to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on autistic people.

By the end of this module you should be able to:

  • describe and discuss stress and anxiety as bodily and mental processes and reflect on how stress and anxiety can affect you
  • understand differences in how stress and anxiety are experienced by autistic people
  • identify factors that can impact on the stress and anxiety experienced by autistic people
  • recognise how to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety on autistic people.

The module should take between 40-90 minutes to complete and has a range of interactive features, including:
  • pre and post course assessments 
  • short film clips 
  • exercises and scenario based learning 
  • reflective activities 
  • printable information sheets 
  • top tips to take away 
  • further links and references. 

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