Photo of Kenny Mpanga (a young autistic man) in a recording studio

As part of our Autism Employment Gap campaign, we found that 77% of autistic people want to be in work, but fewer than one in five has a full-time job. Employment isn’t right for all autistic people, but being in meaningful work can provide a real sense of self-worth, engagement and purpose.

There is an undiscovered workforce of motivated, talented autistic people who are having serious difficulty finding work.

Our new employment module has been designed to support autistic adults and young people into employment.

It looks at the steps involved in applying for work, interviewing tips and starting work. We aim to allow users to create a personalised profile, which they can then use when attending interviews or starting work.

The online resource will help you to:

  • identify your personal skill set and positive attributes
  • support your understanding of autism, including positive disclosure
  • develop CV writing and job application skills
  • develop interview techniques and strategies
  • develop skills to prepare for the workplace.

Visit our online training page to start using this module. 

Access now

We are very grateful to have been funded through the City Bridge Trust’s exciting ‘Bridge to Work’ project, enabling us to offer this module for free.

Over the next three years, this programme will provide our charity funding for projects that offer employability support for young autistic people, and strengthen links between employers and the disabled community, including autistic people.

Find out more about Bridge to Work on the City Bridge Trust website.