A course developed and delivered by autistic women.

Our new two-day training course is for autistic women who are in employment and want to increase their understanding of the potential complexities of the workplace. It will specifically focus on the challenges women face and their skills.

You will have the opportunity to explore work-related challenges alongside other women on the autism spectrum. The course aims to increase your confidence and skills in the workplace, and will cover the following topics: 

Diagnosis, and the impact for autistic women

We aim to ensure that women fully understand their autism, including their diagnostic journey, and how it affects them. We will provide information on the main differences and challenges that autistic women experience.  

Disclosure – why, when and how

This section focuses on why, how, and when to disclose. Topics covered include general disclosure and effective disclosure in the workplace.

Personal relationships and safety, for well-being at work 

We will explore women and their personal relationships, and how to remain safe and ensure well-being at work.

Workplace relationships and expectations

This section explores the expectations and challenges that women face in the workplace, as well as strategies for understanding setting healthy workplace relationship boundaries, and assertiveness.   

Managing sensory sensitivities and anxiety

This section introduces strategies for managing sensory sensitivities and anxiety.    


Our two-day course is priced at £380 + VAT. You may be able to acquire funding for the course through the Government's Access to Work programme, which supports adults with disabilities in the workplace.  Our next two-day employee courses will take place on:

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If you would like further information on this course or to speak to one of our advisors, please call 0300 303 4313.