Our interactive virtual training delivery model ensures we are proud to deliver the exact same learning outcomes for your organisation as our face to face training days, in a learner friendly and accessible way. We split our learning into 4 one and a half hour sessions to maintain delegate engagement and cater for different learning styles; these sessions can be delivered at your convenience on two or more consecutive or separate days.

Your sessions are tailored by topic and may include a combination of:

  • training delivery by our experienced and knowledgeable training consultants
  • interactive activities and/or discussions
  • completion of one of our online modules
  • presentation by an autistic speaker.

Virtual training delivery is available for a variety of training topics and we are happy to explore bespoke options to suit your organisation’s needs. Information on some of our most popular training courses, and our consultancy offer are detailed below, but please contact us at training.enquiries@nas.org.uk to discuss your needs in more detail and for advice or guidance on which topic is best for you.

Understanding and supporting autistic people

This course builds knowledge of autism and how to support autistic children and adults. It explores the main areas of difference for autistic people and discusses SPELL, a framework for understanding and responding to autistic people’s needs. It allows delegates to develop better practice and to use evidence-based strategies to support autistic children and adults.

Target audience

This course is suitable for those who support autistic children or adults and want to increase their understanding of autism and strategies to support individuals.
Learning Outcomes

  • Discuss current thinking about autism and be able to identify main areas of difference.
  • Recognise potential causes of anxiety for autistic people.
  • Describe the principles of the SPELL framework.
  • Apply the principles of the SPELL framework to practice.

The SPELL framework – supporting autistic people using the SPELL framework

This course provides an introduction to the National Autistic Society’s SPELL framework. SPELL was developed through evidence-based practice to understand and respond to the needs of autistic children and adults. It focuses on five principals that have been identified as vital elements of best practice in autism, and emphasises ways of how to change the environment and our approaches, to meet the specific needs of autistic children and adults.

Target audience

This course is ideal for anyone working with autistic children or adults who are looking to develop their understanding of best practice using the SPELL approach. A prior understanding of autism is required for this course.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an increased understanding of the five principles of the SPELL framework and how these can be applied to your workplace.
  • Understand how increased anxiety affects autistic people and why structure is important.
  • Identify different ways of creating visual structures which meet the different needs of autistic children and adults.
  • Understand the importance of developing trust and rapport by focusing on strengths and interests when supporting autistic people.
  • Become familiar with the double-empathy problem and why getting to know the person as well as their autism is vital in reducing the gap.
  • Identify the sensory processing difference experienced by autistic people and why a low-arousal approach is necessary when supporting people.
  • Be aware of the benefits of sharing information and working alongside the individual, their families and other professionals.

Understanding stress and anxiety in autism and their impact on behaviour

Stress and anxiety affect many autistic children and adults, causing significant distress that may be expressed in ways that challenge the person and others who struggle to understand them. This course looks at how you can help autistic people to reduce stress and anxiety, how to understand their behaviour, and how to support them during difficult times.

Target audience

This course is designed for anyone who works with autistic children or adults and already has an understanding of autism.
Learning Outcomes
• Understand stress and anxiety to provide support that works for autistic people and makes a lasting difference.
• Learn to apply the structured approach of the SPELL framework to understand and assess someone’s behaviour and the particular reasons behind their increased anxiety.
• Use SPELL to help develop empathy, and from there to use proactive and reactive strategies tailored to that person.

Sensory Considerations

If you work with autistic children or adults you’ll be aware that the autistic sensory world can feel quite different and the can have an impact on people’s daily lives and behaviour. If you’d like to understand more about this and learn practical strategies for positive support, join us for this course.

Target Audience

Professionals supporting autistic children or adults who would like to know more about autism and sensory issues. A prior understanding of autism is expected of delegates attending this training.

Learning Outcomes

  • Gain a complete overview of sensory issues and strategies that NAS professionals use successfully in their own work.
  • Learn about sensory systems and sensory processing and how these are often different for autistic people.
  • Understand the correlation between sensory sensitivities and behaviour and consider direct interventions and environmental strategies.

Continued Professional Development

Many of our training courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service (the leading independent CPD accreditation institution) as conforming to continuing professional development principles. All delegates attending these courses will receive a certificate of attendance detailing eligible CPD hours which can be used as verifiable documentary evidence when submitting CPD recording forms. To find out more about evidencing CPD please visit www.cpduk.co.uk

Bespoke virtual consultancy support

Our autism consultants have experience across the UK and internationally providing excellent autism consultancy services. We are specialists in working with a variety of organisations including local authorities, health, care and education providers, as well as those in the private sector including employers and staff with customer facing employees.

Our consultancy services will help you to maintain and continually improve your existing autism provision. Services are tailored to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

We work with organisations to develop bespoke solutions for a range of needs, examples may include the following:

  • School development and quality assurance
  • Peer review and mentoring
  • Development of autism awareness for management & staff
  • Training needs analysis
  • Bespoke training to suit organisational needs
  • Consultation and participation with autistic adults and parents/carers.
  • Working with employers who support autistic staff and customers

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