snapshot of chris packham workplace poster

Our ambassador, Chris Packham CBE, has helped us compile this poster for you to hang up in your workplace. It's a clear and simple way to help everyone understand autism and how to support autistic colleagues. 

You can also download Chris Packham's sweepstake poster. Filled with interesting wildlife facts, the sweepstake is a great way to raise money with friends and colleagues.

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Only 1 in 6 autistic people are in full-time employment and this needs to change. With small adjustments and better understanding, we can make it easier for autistic people to put their talents to good use and thrive at work.

Simply sign up to be involved in World Autism Awareness Week 2019, and you'll get lots of other great resources to help spread the word and support a society that works for autistic adults and children.

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And then get your poster here, print it out and hang up in your office or staff room! 

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Also, why not spread the message on your workplace's social media account? We have a ZIP file of images you can use to spread awareness of autism.

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