Selection of World Autism Awareness Week school resources

We’ve got films, assemblies and tutor time and follow-up activities. Former Love Island contestant, Niall Aslam, talks about his autism and time at school for secondary schools. And you can meet the Trummies – six colourful characters who help celebrate difference for primary pupils. And, for early years, we have a circle time film and activities.

Early years



Meet Bradley - Early Years Learning Resources

Our short film and circle time activities are about a six-year-old autistic boy, Bradley, and his Mum, Tiffany. Use them with your children to help them understand the concept of difference and similarity in people.

Download Circle time activities

Meet the Trummies – Primary Learning Resources

Our new animation, assembly and follow-up activities are about the Trummies, a colourful bunch of characters with autistic traits. Use these resources to engage your pupils with the concept of similarity and respecting differences in people. 

Be kind, give space, wait

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Same but different resource cover with the Trummies  

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Meet the Trummies 

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Meet Holly and Niall Aslam – Secondary Resources

We have two films, an assembly and tutor time activities that focus on real-life stories of young autistic people. The films feature 12-year-old Holly and Niall Aslam from Love Island.

How you can help, be kind and understanding

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Tutor time activities cover

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What is autism infographic

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