World Autism Awareness Week school resources 

One in every 100 UK school child is autistic, and over 40% of these say they have been bullied at school. Schools therefore play a huge part in promoting better understanding of autism and supporting their autistic pupils.

This World Autism Awareness Week we have free resources for all age groups to help your students learn about autism and better understand their classmates.

These include a special Daisy & Ollie series of learning resources, a new Trummies film for Primary schools, plus tips from Talia Grant, autistic actress and star of Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, for secondary schools. 

Don't forget to download your fundraising resources too if you haven't already! 

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Early Years resources

Look out for a special episode of Daisy & Ollie airing during World Autism Awareness Week. Find out more about this in your activity pack below. 

Download Daisy & Ollie activity pack

Children can take home our Daisy & Ollie cut out and colour in money box and bring back to school if it has any coins in after the week!

Download Daisy & Ollie money box

Try our Daisy & Ollie pancake recipe with your little ones, or maybe they can try it at home and get hungry friends to donate into their money box.

Primary School resources

Video: 'The Trummies' 5 good rules for autism-friendly schools


Use the assembly presentation, centred around the trummies, to deliver an assembly or tutor-time session during the week. 

Download assembly presentation

Watch the trummies video and complete the follow-up activities with your pupils to explore the rules.

Download Trummies activity pack

Print out your Trummies '5 rules' poster and put it up in your classroom.

Download Trummies '5 rules' poster

Secondary School resources

Video: Talia Grant from Hollyoaks Q&A

 Video: Talia Grant introduces 'Can you make it to the end?'

Use the assembly presentation, centred around a video of a young boy called Alex, and Talia Grant from Hollyoaks, to deliver an assembly or tutor-time session during the week. It will help students understand what autism is, what the key characteristics are and what they can do to support autistic people in their school. 

Download assembly presentation

Share the films in your tutor group and choose one or more of the activities in the pack below to follow up and engage students in a wider discussion about autism.

Download activity pack

Print off the below poster about autism and put up in your classroom or staffroom during the week.

Download poster

Useful materials for fundraising

You should already have your fundraising pack full of ideas for getting your school fundraising for World Autism Awareness Week. Below you'll find a sponsorship form and merchandise form so you can plan what you're doing and order what you need to make your activities stand out. 

Download sponsorship form

Download merchandise form

How to get your resources

You can come back to this page, or download the materials and even print them off, so you can keep coming back to them. 

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