Chris PackhamIt’s been a fantastic World Autism Awareness Week, with people all around the country getting involved in raising awareness, funds and showing why it’s so important we have this week. 

Loads of you have been getting friends, family and colleagues involved in Chris Packham’s wildlife sweepstake – and we’re excited to finally reveal Chris’ favourite fact! 

While all the facts are amazing – Chris told us that his favourite is:

Snails can sleep for up to three years

Well done to those who guessed correctly – and for everyone who shared the sweepstake and used it to raise funds during the week, you can now tell your winner and give them the good news! It’s suggested they can have half the takings that you raised from the sweepstake, and the rest are donated to the work we do creating a society that works for autistic people.

Find out how to donate  

We are sorry this took longer than we anticipated and apologise for any problems you’ve incurred.