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Real stories

You shared your experiences with us of getting too much information and feeling judged.

Explore other people's stories and see for yourself how public reactions to autism can affect lives.


Everything you need to know

Social anxiety

Trying to understand what others mean and how to behave can be exhausting and stressful for autistic people.

Jo and her son, Ben, who is autistic.

Unexpected changes

When something unexpected happens to autistic people, it can feel like the whole world is spinning out of control.


What can make meltdowns worse for me is worrying about what people think about me. I start thinking that I am alone.
Dana who struggles with processing time

Processing time

Sometimes people with autism feel like they're getting 'too much information' and need a few moments to filter through it all.
26-year-old autistic man, Bill, hugging his Dad on the beach

Sensory overload

People with autism can be sensitive to lights, sounds, smells and sights. This can lead to an overload – and a meltdown. 

Aaron Linton Smith

In the workplace

Employers don’t see my ability. They see my autism. They see a problem. That makes them quick to judge me.

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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