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Real stories

Here, autistic people explain their experience of autism and the impact unexpected changes can have on them.

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Hannah Quinton

Hannah's story

Hannah Molesworth, optician, part-time model and autistic woman, shares her story with us

Joseph's story

Joseph, co-chair of the National Autistic Worcestershire branch, tells us what it’s like to experience a meltdown
Ben and his mum Jo

Ben's story

Ben has Asperger syndrome. His mum talks through the judgement the family receives from strangers.

Danielle with her son

Danielle's story

When was the last time you felt truly overwhelmed by an emotion? Fear, sorrow, anger, confusion? 

George's story

George explains what it feels like to experience unexpected changes, which is a common difficulty for autistic people.
Saskia Lupin photo with quote

Saskia's story

Saskia, the star of our latest TMI film, tells us about the anxiety unexpected changes can cause.


Bradley's story

Also known as the Sober Raver, Bradley Gunn is autistic and has a passion for music.

Samantha and her son Henry

Samantha's story

Samantha tells us about the challenges she and her son Henry face

Tom Morgan sitting on a bench with a sunset in the background

Tom's story

Tom tells us all about his passion for rugby and the difficulties he’s faced playing team sports as an autistic person.


Anna-Louise's story

Anna-Louise tells us about her experiences of autism while in education, and the role positive experiences play in achieving your goals. 

young woman rock climbing

Georgia's story

Georgia Pilkington is an autistic woman and climber. She tells us about her passion and what it’s like to be autistic.

Laura smiling while on the phone

Laura James's story

We meet the autistic author and interior design journalist, who offers design tips to create a sense of home.

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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