Spectrum Night Walks 2020

 4 April 2020, any time of day
  £100 minimum fundraising amount per person
  £20 adult fee (16 and over), £15 child fee (under 16)
  5k, 10k or 15k walk

Nava Ramanan tells us about why he took part in Spectrum Night Walks and how he adapted his challenge.

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Taking the challenge to the home

Given current government guidelines and to protect the safety of our participants, we’ve sadly cancelled the Spectrum Night Walks as we know them. While it’s disappointing we haven't been able to walk together in London, Manchester and Glasgow this World Autism Awareness Week – we’re here to help you complete your distance at home, and make sure you have the virtual support you need from the Spectrum Night Walks community.

Lucy talks about how she and her family (AKA the Island Walkers) have adapted to their new virtual challenge.

How will I complete my planned distance from home?

If you’ll be using your daily outdoor exercise time to complete your 5k, 10k or 15k distance, we ask that you follow the government advice on coronavirus and social distancing, including only taking this option if your health allows. We also advise that you don’t actually do this at nighttime – you can complete your walk any time during the day.

You can use google maps to get a rough estimation of how far you’ll need to walk, for example how many times around your local park.

If you have to or would prefer to stay inside, you could walk on the spot indoors. Many smart phones have built in pedometers which also tell you how far you’ve walked in km. Of course, if you do have exercise equipment then you can use that.

How will you know I’ve completed the challenge?

We understand that it will be harder to get an accurate measurement of how far you walked – we’d love you to send us the evidence that you’ve completed your distance and find out how you adapted to the challenge – please let us know, or contact us if you have questions about recording your walk, by emailing events@nas.org.uk.

We will be sending out your official medals when we’re able to do so – but we’ll make sure you have a well-deserved virtual medal so you can still shout about your achievements when you’ve finished!

I was unable to walk at home on Saturday 4 April – can I still take part?

We appreciate in these changing times that you may have been unable to complete your challenge on the suggested date of 4 April and want to reassure you that we’re allowing our Spectrum Walkers to take on their ‘virtual’ walk later than 4 April. We’d suggest that you select a date you can do, so you can let your sponsors know! Our Spectrum Night Walks Facebook group members will still be there to give you virtual support whenever you’re able to complete it.