A number of people have contacted us about a case of Osime Brown, a 21-year-old autistic man who is facing deportation from the UK. We believe that whenever important decisions are made about an autistic person’s life their autism should be considered.

That’s why when Osime’s story was brought to our attention we had to act. We have written to the Home Secretary to highlight our concerns about to call for a review into his case.

Call for a review into Osime’s case

We don’t know Osime personally but are concerned by his case, which highlights the wider challenges autistic people can face if they come into contact with the criminal justice and immigration systems. We are worried about the distress Osime’s deportation could cause him, especially because we understand that he has significant support needs.

We decided to write to the Home Secretary to highlight our concerns, ask her to look at Osime’s case to make sure that he is getting the right support in prison.

Here’s the letter we sent

It’s essential that the right support is available for autistic people, including Osime. If you want to find out more about Osime’s case, you can find out more here.

Further information

Information about autism and the criminal justice system, including advice and resources for autistic people, families and professionals.