Christine McGuinness in Loose Women interviewAnne Hegerty and Christine McGuinness appeared on Loose Women earlier this week to talk all things autism and Autism Hour!

Anne Hegerty, who you may recognise as 'The Governess' on ITV's game show The Chase chatted to the panel about receiving her late diagnosis aged 46 and her experience of masking the symptoms: 

People say to me - 'you don't seem autistic. Where do you keep your autism?' 

She also talks about her need for 'downtime' and solitude, explaining: 'I just need everything to go quiet, people to stop bothering me...I'm never lonely and rarely bored. The most boring thing would be to be with people who just don't shut up!' 

Christine McGuinness, star of ITV's Real Housewives of Cheshire and mother of three, opened up about the joys and challenges of raising children on the autistic spectrum.

Christine said: 'All of my children show their traits in different ways. If you've met one child with autism, you've met one child with autism. That doesn't define every child on the spectrum.'

Christine also discussed her children's autistic traits, including their sensitivity to certain textures, tastes, smells and sounds - particularly when out in public. She explained how our campaign, Autism Hour helps raise awareness of these issues, how small changes like dimming the lights in shops can make such a huge difference, and the importance of educating people on what it means to be autistic:

Normally I take any opportunity to educate anybody about autism, because I feel so passionate about it.

You can watch both episodes here on ITV.

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Autism Hour is coming soon! Take a look at our map to get involved and find out which businesses are taking part in your area.

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Also, stay tuned to Loose Women, this isn’t the last you’ve seen of Autism Hour on the show…