The Government has announced that some people with the highest support needs who receive PIP - and whose needs are unlikely to change substantially – will no longer have to attend regular reviews to maintain this benefit. They are currently finalising guidance, which they will publish later this summer. Read more about the announcement on the Government website

Tim Nicholls, Policy Manager at the National Autistic Society
, said: "This announcement will be cautiously welcomed by many autistic people and families.

“There are around 700,000 autistic people in the UK, and each of them is different. Some people live independently with little or no extra support; others have much more specialist needs and rely on disability benefits, including PIP, to go about their lives. 

Autism is lifelong. So, it makes no sense to put autistic people with high support needs, when they are unlikely to change substantially, through repeated reassessments - particularly given the huge stress and anxiety they often cause. Halting reassessments will also save public money, which should be re-allocated to providing autistic people with vital support. 

"We will be looking out for more details from the Government in the coming months and will work to make sure the proposals fully reflect the needs and experiences of autistic people. Meanwhile, it remains vital that all PIP assessments are carried out by people who understand autism.”