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Real stories

Hear from autistic people and their families about how they celebrate (or don't celebrate!) Christmas. 


Everything you need to know

Marshall family photo

Ben, Kathryn, Alex and Sam

"A perfect Christmas is where everyone is happy and relaxed."



"Christmas in my house is always an exciting event."

Landscape shot of Arran Linton-Smith and a penguin


"Christmas is the most challenging time of the year."

Fay and Bowie

Fay and Bowie

"When I was growing up, Christmas had always been a happy occasion in my family."

Hannah Molesworth in front of Christmas tree


"Christmas is filled with mulled wine and soft twinkly lights."



Helen has a non-Christmas and she doesn't want you to feel sorry for her about that.


Janet and Kieran

"My son Kieran is seven. Since the age of five, nothing has meant more to him than Christmas."

Andy opening his present

Kevin and Andy

14-year-old Andy hates surprise presents, throwing up some challenges for his father, YouTuber Kevin.

Max Green landscape photo-black and white


"Christmas is the most IMPORTANT time of the year… It brings us all together and in a way that is so special."

Paul with his son Oliver

Paul and Oliver

"Every Christmas gets better and better as they are older and we get to have more fun with that."

Purple Ella photo outside

Purple Ella

"I really enjoy the sensory experience of all the sparkly lights and pretty things."

Samantha and Henry, Christmas photo

Samantha and Henry

"When he was younger he used to have a melt down if someone gave him a present that wasn’t on the list."

Tom Hewitt headshot photo


"An ideal Christmas would be spent with my family, enjoying a homemade Christmas dinner with a few beverages."

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