Your Act - Dy Ddeddf di 

Our campaign to ensure that autistic people, their families, carers and professionals play a full part in shaping an Autism Act for Wales.

What is Your Act?

Your Act is our campaign to make sure that as many of you as possible get the opportunity to share your views on a proposed Autism Act for Wales. Whether it’s through meeting and discussing your ideas or answering questions online about what you want to see, Your Act gives you the chance to have your say.

Where are we now? 

Paul Davies AM has introduced his backbench member’s Bill following two recent public consultations asking for the views and ideas of autistic people, their families, professionals and other organisations throughout Wales.

Read the Autism [Wales] Bill 

You can also read the Explanatory Memorandum for more details on what the Bill aims to achieve.  
The National Assembly for Wales’ Health, Social Care and Sport Committee, made up of Assembly Members from all political parties, are currently looking at the Bill in more detail. To make sure they have the information they need, they are asking people to share their views. 

Have your say 

The committee will then develop a report of recommendations, setting out any changes that might need to be made to the draft. After that report, all Assembly Members will have to vote in favour of the Bill for it to continue its next steps to become law.

Why are we campaigning?

Your Act builds on the work of our Act Now report on the state of services and support in Wales. This showed that things weren’t improving for people on the ground and nearly 90% of respondents to our survey said that autism legislation is needed to help make this happen.

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As a result of our campaign and the efforts of our branches and supporters, the National Assembly for Wales voted to look further at a specific law to support autistic people, their families and carers in Wales.

If we get it right, and an Autism Act is introduced, we could start to see real change in the services and support received by autistic people and their families in Wales.

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