Photo of MPs at the Understanding Autism for MPs session


With around 700,000 autistic people in the UK, and their three million family members and carers, every community needs to recognise how best to support and include autistic people and their families. As elected representatives, MPs are our community leaders and so need to be a leader in autism awareness and understanding.

How does the National Autistic Society work with MPs?

For many years, our charity has been rated as one of the most effective disability charities by MPs. Along with our dedicated staff, our branch volunteers and other campaigners have played a huge part in this.

Understanding Autism Training

In April 2019 our charity ran the first ever Understanding Autism sessions with MPs. Over 75 MPs attended to learn more about autism and how autistic people experience and interact with the world. To read more about the session and which MPs attended see our news story.

Our charity is committed to continuing this work with MPs and will look to run similar sessions in future. In the meantime, we have a handy guide that people can provide to their MPs. This includes some simple tips on how to best understand autistic people and to make MP surgeries more accessible.

The All Party Parliamentary Group

We provide the secretariat to the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism, chaired by Cheryl Gillan MP.

All party groups bring together MPs and peers who are interested in an issue and help them to stay up-to-date with the latest information, and to collaborate to get attention for key changes that need to take place.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism includes MPs of a wide range of parties. Many MPs have become involved because of our branches, volunteers and other campaigners bring their attention to what daily life is like for autistic people and what needs to change.

If you would like your MP to be more autism active, please ask them to consider joining the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism.

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