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This World Autism Awareness Week, help us create a society that works for autistic people by inviting your Member of Parliament (MP) to our first ever autism awareness training session for MPs.

With around 700,000 autistic people in the UK, and their three million family members and carers, every community needs to recognise how best to support and include autistic people and their families. As your elected representative, your MP is a leader in your community, so needs to be a leader in autism awareness and understanding. 

What's included

As part of this training, your MP will learn about autism and how autistic people can experience and interact with the world. They will hear about the five things autistic people want the public to know about autism, based on a recent survey. This includes:

  • difficulties processing information 
  • sensory differences, which means that strong smells, bright lights and loud sounds can be distressing
  • anxiety in social situations
  • anxiety in situations of unexpected change
  • meltdowns or ‘shutdowns’

Contact your MP

We will also equip your MP with some simple tips on how best to support autistic people, so that they are able to access MP surgeries and be included within their communities. Contact your MP now to encourage them take part in this great opportunity.

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