Receiving award

Mandatory Autism Training for Teachers

As part of The National Autistic Society’s Every Teacher campaign, that we ran jointly with Ambitious About Autism, the APPGA held a large public meeting featuring teachers, parents of autistic children and professionals asking the Government to ensure that autism would be a mandatory part of teacher training.

In June 2017, responding to a question at PMQs by APPGA Member Cat Smith MP, the Government confirmed it would now require autism training to be part of every teacher’s initial training in England.

World Autism Awareness Week 2018 Celebrated in Parliament

To mark this year’s World Autism Awareness Week every MP in the House of Commons wore a World Autism Awareness Week badge during Prime Minister’s Question Time and autism was also the first topic that discussed. A group of backbenchers, led by APPGA Chair Cheryl Gillan MP, also tabled a motion for a backbench business committee debate on autism awareness. The debate lasted three hours and over 50MPs took part. More information can be found here.

Prisons Autism Accredited

At the biggest ever public meeting of the All Party Group on Autism Andrew Selous MP, the then Minister for Prisons, promised he would write to every prison in England and Wales and ask them to undergo autism accreditation. As of summer 2017 one has become fully accredited with another 7 starting the process.

The Houses of Parliament Receives the Autism Friendly Award

In July 2017 the Houses of Parliament received the Autism Friendly Award in recognition of the work staff had done to make the House of Commons more welcoming to visitors on the autism spectrum. This includes staff training and more information for autistic visitors on Parliament’s website. The work was in-part led by former Advisory Group vice-chair Ann Memmott. More information about the award in Parliament can be found here.

My hospital passport

Led by APPGA member and National Autistic Society Vice President, Baroness Browning, ‘My Hospital Passport’ is a resource for people with autism who might need hospital treatment. It is designed to help people with autism to communicate their needs to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. More information, including a link to the passport, can be found here.

Autism Diagnosis Crisis Westminster Hall Debate

The late Jo Cox secured a debate on diagnosis waiting times in spring of 2016, a write-up of which can be found here. APPGA Members also tabled over 50 written questions and wrote to the secretary of state for health, the Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP. One of the main asks of the campaign was that GPs routinely mark patients as being autistic on the primary care register. This recommendation was accepted by NICE and they are now consulting on the changes. More information about what this means can be found here.


From time to time, the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism may decide to create a report on specific topic.

A list of previous reports are below

Autism and education in England 2017

Report following an inquiry into the education system. The inquiry was chaired by APPGA members Huw Merriman MP and Maria Caulfield MP. More information about the Held Back campaign which was based on the report can be found here

APPGA Advisory Group 2016 consultation Report – full report (2016, PDF)

Results of a consultation on what the priorities for the All Party Group should be.

The right start: reforming the system for children on the autism spectrum - full report (2012, PDF)

Recommendations for reforms to the Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) system.

Transition into adulthood - full report (2009, PDF) 

Transition into adulthood - executive summary (2009, PDF)

Transition into adulthood - easy read (2009, PDF)

Inquiry into transition into adulthood for young people on the autism spectrum.

Policy into practice - full report (2007, PDF)    

Policy into practice - executive summary (2007, PDF)

The rising challenge (2001 PDF)

An APPGA survey of Local Education Authorities on Education provision for people on the autism spectrum.

The impact of autism (2001, PDF)

A report compiled for the APPGA.

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