Anuj speaking.

The APPGA has an advisory group to provide advice to the Officers of the APPGA on autism and current policy issues affecting autistic people and their families.

At the time it was formed in 2000, it was decided that each advisory group member should have some policy and some autism knowledge. In addition, it was also decided that the Group as a whole needed detailed Parliamentary knowledge, academic insight, comprehensive representation of both policy areas and people, professional insight, perspectives of autistic people and personal insight.

As vacancies arise, the Advisory Group jointly approach a person who will maintain the skills, knowledge and insight balance of the group as a whole. The Advisory


Name  Organisation  Position on Group 
Phillip Hanscombe
Autistic self-advocate/South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust
Jo Minchin
Autistic self-advocate/Southwest Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group
Vanessa Bobb
Prof. Simon Baron-Cohen
Autism Research Centre
Justin Cooke
Ambitious About Autism
Christine Edwards Daem
Kent Autistic Trust/Autism Alliance
Helen Ellis
Autistic self-advocate/National Autistic Society
Tim Nicholls
National Autistic Society
Melissa McAuliffe
London Borough of Newham
Dr Ian Davidson
Royal College of Psychiatrists
Dr Anna Remington
Centre for Autism Research in Autism and Education (CRAE)
Jon Spiers
 David MacKenzie
 Senior Public Affairs Officer, National Autistic Society

Group is not an elected group