Our ambassador, Chris Packham, our President, Jane Asher, and our former CEO, Mark Lever, talk about our new look, vision and mission.


The National Autistic Society was founded 56 years ago, and since then we’ve changed what we say and how we look many times. We do this so autistic people and their families understand what we do and our charity’s purpose. We also change because understanding about autism is ever evolving, in part thanks to the many successes we’ve achieved with your help in changing attitudes among the public, businesses and the government. 

The changes we’re introducing are to make sure that we reflect the world as it is now – and can work towards the changes in society that autistic people need. We’ve talked to autistic people, their families and the other people we want to support the charity. Following their feedback, we’ve changed our vision, which describes what the charity exists to achieve. 

Our new vision is: a society that works for autistic people.

We aim to achieve this through our care and other services, through our schools and our information, which all help people transform their lives; and through our campaigning, training and conferences which exist to change society’s attitudes. 

To make our hopes for the future clearer, we have also changed how we look – including a new logo. Autistic people and their families have told us they really like the new look. We hope you will as much as they do. 

If you’ve got any questions or concerns about these changes, please read our frequently asked questions or contact our Supporter Relations Team at the National Autistic Society.