The Spectrum delivery day

(a reminiscence)

Lands on my mat this magazine of challenge,
Spent of its bullet-force, Collector’s now,
Analyst’s, Champion’s, Antihero’s, Mine;
Sole, remaining, propulsive, potential effect.

This Tablet will help save my soul! This
Private Eye re-arm with cream-cake fun,
This Punch will civilise, or, civilize, this
Beano, begin again. Ript timely, this
Last king of Scotland eat me whole.

by Matthew, issue 104

"The LORD is a God of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for him."
(Isaiah, chapter 30, verse 18)


Sweet promise!
All I now desire
For will, for cause, for light.
For evil hearts why fret and tire
When God dost fight my fight.

The Lord a God of judgement is:
All they that wait are blest,
E’en they that glean not what they sow;
His justice is my rest.

Vestured in still mightier seats,
These boast
Thy pride and favour.
Yet Thou their flood, my quiet ark
Art, through my meek endeavour.

What greater sorrow than His Son
To crucify again
By men who once prostrate did vow to
By His sheep remain.

Fret not thyself, my sinful soul;
Thy Father dear dost weep
Where’er His child her brother rents
From His loving mercies deep.

by Zimin, issue 104