A guide for local authorities and local health bodies in England

Autistic man in countryside

The short guides below aim to act as a quick reference for local authorities and the NHS, setting out the basics of what they must do to implement the different aspects of the adult autism strategy and statutory guidance, as well as what they need to do next, once they have the basics in place. We also include examples of good work already taking place, showing how a few straightforward, practical measures can have a positive effect on the lives of autistic adults.

This good practice guidance was produced in January 2016 with funding from the Department of Health and in consultation with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services.

Download autism strategy good practice guides:

Ensuring preventative support

Diagnosis and the care pathway

Planning and leadership




People with complex needs or whose behaviour may challenge

Criminal justice

Enabling meaningful inclusion of adults with autism in the development of local autism plans

We have also produced the guide below to support local authorities and the NHS to involve autistic adults in local autism partnership boards.  The aim is to ensure that when local authorities and the NHS are making decisions local autistic adults are consulted and involved in a supported and meaningful way, as envisaged by the Government in Think Autism.

It Involves Us