Find out how your child's educational needs can be assessed and supported in your region of the UK, and how you can advocate for your child if you think they aren't getting the support they need. 

What extra help is available?

The processes for assessing and supporting your child's SEN (or ASN in Scotland) needs are different depending which country you live in within the UK.

Find out what is available and how you can go about getting extra help for your child in England, WalesScotland and Northern Ireland.

You can get further support and advice on educational provision and entitlements that is specific to you from our Education Rights Service.

Advocate for your child

At times, it can be difficult for parents to get the extra help their child needs. You may have to work with your child's school or local/education authority to resolve differences

If a less formal approach doesn't help, you may need to use the appropriate tribunal system. 

Read more about Mediation, disagreement resolution and SEND in England, The Special Educational Needs Tribunal Northern Ireland (SENDIST), Mediation and resolving disagreements in Scotland and The Special Educational Needs Tribunal Wales (SENTW). 

Further help from our charity

Further help for parents trying to obtain an appropriate education for their child is available from our Education Rights Service.

Last reviewed: 21 December 2016.