The right form of education can make a real difference for children and young people on the autism spectrum, whether that's at a specialist school, in a mainstream setting or at home. As a parent, it's important to be aware of the options for schooling which may be available to your child.

Choosing between mainstream and special school

This can be one of the biggest decisions a parent may face when deciding on an appropriate education for their autistic child or young person. Find out what options you may have and what needs to be considered when choosing between mainstream and special school

Choosing a primary or secondary school

Find information and advice about how to choose a primary or secondary school for your autistic child in England, Wales and Scotland.

Choosing a school in England

Choosing a school in Wales

Choosing a school in Scotland

Choosing a school in Northern Ireland

Placing requests (Scotland)

Home education

You may be wondering whether your child will benefit from being educated at home. Find out the possible reasons for home-educating your child, what the law says about home education, and how to go about it if you do decide home education is the right option – as well as useful contacts and resources. 

Home educating your child