Having your child diagnosed as autistic can be a very emotional time for parents, even if you have been seeking a diagnosis for a while.

Many parents will want to better understand their child’s diagnosis and how they can help them.

Here we look at behaviour and support strategies, friendships, education and employment. We also have information for grandparents.

If you think your child or adult might be autistic, but they’ve not yet had an assessment, find out about the diagnosis process.

Behaviour and support strategies

You know your child better than anyone else, but you might still be unsure how to help them with things like:

There are many things that you can do to help your child, including:  

Read more about behaviour and support strategies.


Autistic people can have problems making and keeping friends

You may want to try joining an NAS local branch or searching our Autism Services Directory for opportunities for them to meet with other autistic children or adults.  We also offer an e befriending service.

Read more about social interaction for adults and children.


Your autistic child may be described as having a special educational need. This could be academic, social or both.

You may have concerns about:

Read more about education and transition.

Employment and adult life

If you have an adult son or daughter who has just been diagnosed, then you may want to help them with:

Read more about adult life and support after diagnosis.


As a grandparent of an autistic person, you may find that you need to support your son or daughter with their family life. You may be the one that notices your grandchild isn’t developing typically, and be the first to broach the subject of autism.

You can help by learning more about autism and having your autistic grandchild to stay with you. Or, you could have their siblings to stay with you.

If you are unable to do this, then your son or daughter may just appreciate someone to talk to.

Further help from our charity

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Last reviewed: 7 February 2018.