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Christmas stories

Autistic people and their families tell us their stories, how they celebrate (or don't celebrate!) Christmas, and share their thoughts on what the 'perfect Christmas' means to them... 

If you're inspired by our stories, you can help transform the lives of more autistic people and their loved ones by giving to our Christmas appeal. 

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Christmas family photo - family outside under Christmas themed archway in hats and coats

Frances and Caleb

"When I had no one else to turn to, when I really needed someone, the National Autistic Society was there."

Photo of a bride on Santa's knee, next to Christmas trees


"There's so much to contend with at Christmas, and I do love it, but it is exhausting!"

Young woman in jumper, smiling


"There are just too many unwritten social rules when it comes to Christmas present etiquette."

Hannah Molesworth in front of Christmas tree


"Christmas is filled with mulled wine and soft twinkly lights."

Landscape shot of Arran Linton-Smith and a penguin


"At Christmas, the comfortable world around me is taken away."

Andy opening his present

Kevin and Andy

"Don't try to shoehorn an autistic person into a 'traditional Christmas'."

Max Green landscape photo-black and white


"I find getting gifts incredibly hard and stressful."

Samantha and Henry, Christmas photo

Samantha and Henry

"When he was younger he used to have a meltdown if someone gave him a present that wasn’t on the list."

Christmas tree

Christine McGuinness

"I am the proudest mummy, I can’t believe my babies are happy around our Christmas tree."

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