Some advice services give general advice and can help with form filling and understanding letters. Others can give more specialist help with complex issues, offer on-going case work, or represent you at appeal tribunals.

Advice services are under a lot of pressure due to lack of funding. You may have to contact several before you find one that can help and may have to wait for an appointment.

If you get any services or support now, ask if they know of any benefits advice services that you could use. For example, some housing associations give benefits advice to their residents and some mental health services have links with benefits advice services.

Here we list organisations that can provide advice in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales or across the UK.


  • Advice Now - guides on how to win a PIP or DLA appeal 
  • AdviceLocal - directory of local advice services and information on welfare benefits, work, money, social care problems and more.
  • Age UK - advice for older people
  • Carers UK - advice for carers about social care issues
  • Challenging Behaviour Foundation Family Support Service - social care advice when a person has a severe or profound learning disabilities (they are quite strict about this criteria), 3 telephone appointments of up to 45 minutes each per issue
  • Contact a Family - advice on benefits for children with disabilities
  • Disability Law Service - free legal advice about social care
  • Gingerbread - advice on benefits for lone parents
  • Mind - advice about being sectioned, social care and mental capacity
  • Rethink - advice on mental health,  social care and the criminal justice system
  • RNIB - benefits and care advice for blind or partially-sighted people
  • Shelter - for issues involving housing, housing benefit or housing costs in Universal Credit, supported living and eviction
  • Working Families Legal Helpline - advice on benefits for families


Northern Ireland



Benefits and care

Last reviewed September 2017