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Adult life

Whether you're old or young, life as an autistic young person or adult can bring particular challenges. Although it may feel like you're alone, help is available. 

In this section you'll find help with work, ageing, and managing money. You can also read real-life stories from others on the spectrum.
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Everything you need to know

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Guidance for autistic adults about the world of work, careers services and bullying in the workplace.

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Getting older

Real life stories, advice, and resources on benefits, health and socialising for middle aged autistic people.

Find out what advocacy options are available.


Find out about how you can be supported and enabled, or support and enable yourself.
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Encounters with the law

Information for autistic people and their parents and carers about dealing with the criminal justice system.

Useful resources for autistic adults.

Useful resources

A list of useful resources for adults on the autism spectrum, including those with Asperger syndrome.
Read real stories from other autistic adults.

Real stories

Stories on various aspects of life by autistic adults who want to help others by sharing their experiences.

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Managing money

Learn how to budget, pay bills, save, and keep hold of your finances, written for autistic people.

Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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