Different users may need any of a range of adjustments to make viewing websites easier. By its use of standardised features, such as its style sheets, our site is designed to work with some of the many options that computers, mobile devices and browsers now provide. This approach means that you can apply similar changes, in similar ways, to the various websites that you may use, and gives you a much wider range of options than one site could offer. For example, you may choose to change colours or contrast, or turn on grey-scale instead of colour, or zoom screen areas, and to do this for some or all sites. Alternatively, you may use a screen reader.

The way that adjustments are made depends on your device and your browser:

  • Computers and mobile devices all have built-in accessibility features that you can apply both to your browser and to other apps/software that you may use.
  • Browsers themselves have accessibility features that you can apply to all sites, or turn on at need.
  • By installing browser extensions, you can have one-click access and make different settings for different sites. Extensions are typically not available on mobile devices.

For more information on these options, you could try these sites:

As some examples of the kinds of option that browser extensions give, here are some extensions for the Chrome browser:

  • Midnight Lizard gives you a panel where you can choose colour settings, and apply them to one site or many. It offers a choice of colour schemes.
  • Pro Visu Look allows you to click buttons to set font sizes and the colours of text or background.
  • Colour Enhancer lets you set up and apply changes to colour schemes.
  • High Contrast allows you to vary contrast levels.
  • More complex, Stylebot and Stylish allow you to apply custom style sheets created by others, to change appearances substantially.

W3C's WAI accessibility guidelines

WCAG Level Double-A conformance iconThe site has been designed to comply wherever possible with Level AA of the W3C's WAI accessibility guidelines. Please contact the web team if you encounter specific issues, or if you would like to share recommendations for extensions or other tools that work well for our site. You can also discuss these with others in our Community.