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Spectrum Live – Women and Girls

Live on our Facebook page on Thursday 16 January 2020 at 7.30pm

Many autistic people experience barriers to accessing a diagnosis.

Many women and girls on the autism spectrum continue to be overlooked, misunderstood or misdiagnosed. They can often demonstrate more ‘subtle’ presentations of autism. The ability to blend in and those less traditionally obvious characteristics can be misunderstood and lead to clinicians and other professionals struggling to recognise or correctly support autistic women and girls. These less traditionally obvious characteristics can also be seen in all autistic people.

Thanks to funding from Pears foundation we are excited to announce this edition of Spectrum Live. In this episode we will bring together a group of autistic women and Dr Judith Gould. This panel will share their experience, knowledge, and expertise by answering your questions.

Meet our panel

If you have a question relating to women and girls on the autism spectrum please get in touch. We will collate all questions and pose questions to the panel to answer. We cannot guarantee all questions will be answered, but we will do our best with the time that we have.

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If you won't be able to watch it live, don't worry! A recording of the episode will be available on our Facebook page. 

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As a charity we rely on donations to make a society that works for autistic people. Your donation could support funding information provision like Spectrum Live and our vital services, such as our national freephone helpline, our award-winning education rights service, or our campaigning, which champions the rights and interests of autistic people and their families.

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