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Tuesday 4 August 11am

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Not all autistic people are able to work, but, with understanding from their employer and colleagues, and reasonable adjustments to the interview process and workplace, many autistic people can be a real asset to businesses.

Autistic people can have strengths which may be beneficial to employers, such as tenacity and the ability to see things in a different light, which can be great for problem solving. But they frequently tell us they experience too much information when applying for jobs and at work – for instance, being bombarded by questions at the jobcentre, by noisy open plan offices or with anxieties over following unwritten social rules. Work will not be appropriate for everyone on the autism spectrum, but our latest survey of autistic adults and their families showed that the vast majority want to work.

Being autistic affects how you communicate and interact with the world. Because autism affects communication skills, people may struggle during job interviews, misunderstand the questions asked and be judged for not making eye contact.

Without the right support, the work environment can be confusing. Sometimes everything can become overwhelming – from the noises of clattering keyboards or ringing phones to the unspoken social rules of work life. It can feel like getting too much information.

Our employment episodes will bring together autistic employees and employers to share their experiences, knowledge, their journey to employment and what they’ve learnt along the way. Episode one will focus on finding work and episode two will focus on supporting autistic people in employment.

How it will work?

The episodes will be recorded in advance via video link and live streamed on the day. We will have a presenter, real life autistic experiences and expert guidance on each episode.
If you can’t watch them live, don't worry! A recording of each episode will be available on our Facebook page.

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