Working with the autism spectrum: theory into practice

This undergraduate course is a successful collaboration between Edinburgh Napier University and the National Autistic Society.

About the training

This is an evidence based course which explores ways of practically supporting people on the autism spectrum in a range of settings. The assessment (a case study essay) will allow you to reflect upon your own practice, and use the knowledge you gain to further improve the support you offer to autistic people.

The course is relevant to you if you share our passion to improve the person-centred support being provided to autistic people. As a practitioner or a parent, the course will help you to learn about the theory of autism and relate this to your current practice. By participating in a programme with a multi-disciplinary group of people, from areas including health, education and care, you will also feel confident about using newly-learned skills and approaches to improve the support you provide.

Programme delivery includes an introduction to autism, evidence based practice and the SPELL framework for intervention, social communication and interaction, sensory differences, understanding behaviour, personal and family perspectives.

A blended learning approach is utilised for this module, which includes three attendance days at Edinburgh Napier with National Autistic Society Lecturers and further learning online.