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Moving between different stages of life, such as school, college and work, is especially hard if you find change difficult, as many autistic people do.

This section provides advice about strategies and support that can help during key life transitions – including starting or changing schoolleaving school, and starting or leaving college or university.

Transition, or moving between life stages, can be especially hard if you're autistic and find change hard.

Everything you need to know

A young autistic girl smiles at the camera in a playground

Starting or switching school

Advice to help you to support your autistic child with starting or changing school.
A young autistic man wearing a hat looks at the camera

Leaving school

Advice broken down by nation on how to prepare for the transition from school.
Young man with his mother

Transition planning for parents and carers

Advice and tips for parents and carers on helping their child prepare to leave school. 

Female student and teacher

Transition planning for young people

Advice to young people on transitioning from school to adulthood.
A young autistic man reading in a library

Starting college or university

Advice on what help is available to support your transition to student life.

A student sits with his advise

Leaving college or university

Planning for the future if you are leaving further or higher education.

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Adult life

Help with transition to adulthood, the world of work, ageing, and managing money.
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Transition Support Service

Impartial, confidential information, advice and support for parents whose children are making the transition from school to adult life.
Children in classroom

Transition tips

Advice on guiding young people through transition, including those starting at college or university.


Autism Helpline Number: 0808 800 4104
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