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Resources for families and carers - books for siblings and for parents

This shop features every title currently published by The National Autistic Society. To find a particular resource, you can click on a relevant sub-category below, or use the search facility above.

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Autism: understanding and managing anger

Author: Andrew Powell
Available as an [eBook]
Code: NAS948View details
Pick a card to learn something new about autism

Pick a card to learn something new about autism

Author: The National Autistic SocietyCode: NAS949View details
My family is different cover

My family is different

- A workbook for children with a brother or sister on the autism spectrumAuthor: Carolyn BrockCode: NAS1003View details
My special brother Rory

My special brother Rory

Author: Ellie Fairfoot (aged six) and Jenny Mayne (Ellie's mum)Code: NAS543View details
I really don't know why - 2012 sale

I really don't know why

- a sibling song to autismAuthor: Haitham-Al-GhaniCode: NAS691View details
Cover of Autism seminars for families: Sensory needs booklet

Autism seminars for families - Sensory needs seminar booklet

Author: The National Autistic SocietyCode: NAS975View details
Autism: understanding behaviour

Autism: understanding behaviour

Author: Caroline Hattersley
Available as an [eBook]
Code: NAS969View details
It can get better 2014 edition

It can get better

- Dealing with common behaviour problems in young children with autismAuthor: Paul Dickinson and Liz Hannah
Available as an [eBook]
Code: NAS284View details
How Joshua learned - 2012 sale

How Joshua learned

- Making sense of the world with autismAuthor: Joshua LoveCode: NAS693View details
Mr Brother is Different

My brother is different

- A book for young people who have brothers and sisters with autismAuthor: Louise GorrodCode: NAS233View details
Autism seminars for families: Managing anger cover

Autism seminars for families - Managing anger seminar booklet

Author: The National Autistic SocietyCode: NAS973View details
Autism at school DVD

Autism at school

- A video resource for teachers and parentsAuthor: Southern Moon ProductionsCode: NAS946View details
book cover

Autism: talking about a diagnosis

- A guide for parents and carers of children with an autism spectrum disorderAuthor: Rachel PikeCode: NAS1002View details
Transporters DVD

The Transporters Home Pack

- Discover the world of emotionsCode: NAS998View details
Somewhere over the spectrum

Somewhere over the spectrum

Author: Amy LightowlerCode: NAS775View details
Being me

Being me

Author: The National Autistic SocietyCode: NAS809View details
Autism winning through

Autism - winning through

Author: Lincolnshire Autistic SocietyCode: NAS605View details
Cover of Helping young children with autism to learn

Helping young children with autism to learn

- A practical guide for parents and staff in mainstream schools and nurseriesAuthor: Liz HannahCode: NAS1001View details
Cover of Autism: supporting your teenager

Autism: supporting your teenager

Author: Caroline HattersleyCode: NAS1000View details
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