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Autistic people

Resources related to adolescents on the autism spectrum.

This shop features every title currently published by The National Autistic Society. To find a particular resource, you can click on a relevant sub-category below, or use the search facility above.

Titles are always being added to the shop - please regularly check back for new additions to the range.

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Autism Alert card

Autism Alert Card

Author: The National Autistic SocietyCode: NAS565View details
This is me!

This is me!

- My assessment profileAuthor: The National Autistic SocietyFree publicationCode: NAS967View details
Finding work: a job searching and employment preparation workbook for autistic people

Finding work interactive ebook

- a digital workbook to help autistic adults with job searching and work preparation Author: The National Autistic Society
Available as an [eBook]
Code: NAS2475View details
Body language - 2012 sale

Body language and communication

- A guide for people with autistic spectrum disordersAuthor: Simon PerksCode: NAS716View details
How Joshua learned - 2012 sale

How Joshua learned

- Making sense of the world with autismAuthor: Joshua LoveCode: NAS693View details
Finding Work

Finding work

- A job searching and work preparation handbook for employment professionals and people with autism, including Asperger syndromeAuthor: The National Autistic SocietyCode: NAS965View details
Transporters DVD

The Transporters Home Pack

- Discover the world of emotionsCode: NAS998View details
Being me

Being me

Author: The National Autistic SocietyCode: NAS809View details
Autism winning through

Autism - winning through

Author: Lincolnshire Autistic SocietyCode: NAS605View details
A helping hand DVD

Asperger syndrome - A Helping Hand

- Practical strategies and easy to follow adviceAuthor: Dr Meher Pocha et al. Presented by Vicki MichelleCode: NAS960View details
A Different Life Rosie's Story

A different life

- Rosie's storyAuthor: Eye TelevisionCode: NAS694View details
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